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Where does silver come from?
Silver is a natural product, it comes from the earth's crust which contains an average of 0.1 mg / kg of silver. It is found widespread in small quantities as a sound element. Silver is found almost everywhere in the world, however the most important sites are in Mexico, Peru, the United States, Canada and China.

What is 925 or starling silver?
The pure form of silver (999 content) is too soft and too malleable. That is why an alloy is always added. In the case of 925 / starling silver, this copper is the ratio then consisting of 92.5 + silver and 7.5% copper. The addition of copper is necessary to improve the mechanical properties. This composition is sometimes called the silver of the first content.

For all the jewelry I make, I use first-grade silver. It shines, is sturdy enough to work, and is also soft enough to stamp names and dates. And it stays beautiful forever, especially if you polish it occasionally. (read more on how to maintain silver here below)

maintenance / storage
Silver can oxidize, which is what has happened when a dark deposit can be seen on the silver. This can have various causes such as: moisture, light, oxygen, chemicals, etc. Fortunately, these `stains` are fairly easy to remove with a cleaning cloth and a special silver cream.

After a new polish, your silver item will shine like new. Avoid contact with chemical products such as ammonia, chlorine, and other bleaching agents. These can affect the shine of the metal. If the jewel is not worn, it is best to turn them separately into a fabric bag or the original boxes to minimize exposure to the environment. Keep silver in a dark, cool, dry place that is airtight sealed to prevent oxidation or distortion. Avoid direct contact with wood for longer periods of time because wood often contains acids that can attack the silver over time.

The chance that you are allergic to silver is very small. It`s a material that has very few substances that your skin could react poorly to. Note that the lower the silver content, the more chance of allergies.

Silver is very light and silver earrings will not feel heavy on your ears or neck.

natural product
shower proof
anti allergic
lifelong pleasure

The only disadvantage is that silver can oxidize. Read the tips above in order to prevent this or reverse the damage.


gilding / electroplating
I always use 925 silver as the basic material. This is also the case with gold jewelry. With these pieces a layer of gold is added afterwards. This is done using the galvanizing method, this means that electricity is used to cover an object with a layer of gold.

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