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about J.anne

My goal as a jewelry designer?
To make you confidently stand out with unique and handmade statement pieces.


You never go out of style, so why should your jewelry?
Each design is timeless, whether you wear it today or next year.


I carefully craft each piece by hand with 925 silver. 
The gold designs are gilded after they’ve been forged. 
As I only want the best for you, 
I work with high-quality precious metals only. 
Silver is durable and therefore never gets lost.


Just like you, every piece is unique. 
My handmade designs are minimalistic, geometric, but unique with a special twist. 


You are YOU. My jewelry designs are an ode to your diversity. 

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Are you looking for a tailor-made design that has “YOU” written all over it? Send me an e-mail and I’ll gladly create a personalized design.  more  >>



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Timeless but with a greater value to every period of life.


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